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Victor ChurmaWelcome to the website of the Law Offices of Victor Churma. The practice is concentrated in the areas of Driver's License Reinstatement, DUI Defense and Defense of Criminal Charges. In all of these types of cases, you need skilled legal representation. EXPERIENCE MATTERS.

It is in your best interests to hire an experienced and aggressive attorney to represent you. When you retain my office you can be sure that everything possible will be done to ensure your rights are protected. Whether you seek your driver's license reinstated or need to appear in Court to defend a DUI or other Criminal Charge, choosing the right attorney is critical to the best possible outcome of your case.

Your case deserves personal attention in all aspects. There are no ”shortcuts” or “easy” cases in my office. Every case is handled with the skill and attention to detail that comes from years of experience to provide you with quality and professional representation. I approach every case as if it were my own because it is my own. My reputation is at stake in each and every case I handle.

You will be provided with all of the information you need to fully understand the various options available to you during the handling of your case. The stakes are very high in these matters and your case is always treated with that as the number 1 priority.

Obviously, you have many choices when it comes to hiring an attorney to represent you. Choose an attorney with the experience, knowledge and ability to make the necessary commitment to provide you with best possible result.

Please take a moment to read more about my services and then call for a FREE CONSULTATION. Together we can discuss all of the facts of your case, all of the options available, and then you will receive an evaluation of the best possible ways to proceed in handling your particular case.